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NetRom Consultants
The Company You Can Trust When It Comes To IT Audit & Consultancy

Located in Jounieh - Lebanon, NetRom Consultants was founded by a team of experts in the fields of IT audit, business solutions and networking. We offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions to enable new revenue streams and achieve strategic and business objectives by utilizing the full capabilities of cutting edge technologies. Our services include two core activities: IT consultancy services and business analysis served by an experienced staff in the fields of IT consultancy, audit, security and business consultancy.


  • We work in partnership with our clients
  • We act as the top management advisors
  • We accompany our clients in implementation
  • We build our recommendations on solid facts

Mission & Values

  • Meet rapidly our Clients' needs and expectations
  • Understand the client's need and working environment
  • IT service in accordance with the latest technological trends
  • IT solutions that add value to the company's growth & performance
  • Trust, Confidentiality, Transparency, Professional Service and High Ethics

Why Netrom?

  • Professional and ethical services
  • We succeed where others have failed
  • Client satisfaction is our major objective
  • Experienced and dedicated IT professionals


  • High professional ethics
  • Commitment to client success
  • Adherence to the highest professional standards
  • Building and maintaining our knowledge reservoir
  • Up to date with the latest development in the IT field

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- Marwan Harb -

Our Services

From IT Audit to IT Consultancy, We support and guide you through anything.
Hardware & Networking Lebanon

Penetration Testing

Hardware & Networking Lebanon

Hardware & Networking

Consultant & System Integrator

Consultant & System Integrator

OS & Virtualization

OS & Virtualization

Enterprise resource planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

Data and Storage

Data & Storage

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Latest News

NetRom news story - What is Social Engineering?

What is Social Engineering?

Universally, Social Engineering is classified as the most deceitful and manipulative type of hacking and scamming. Social Engineering techniques are usually used to deliver malicious software, but in some cases only form part of an attack, as an enabler to gain additional information, commit fraud or obtain access to secure systems. ...

NetRom news story - The Maze of Proxychains Attack

The Maze of Proxychains Attack

Proxychains attack is the unavoidable connection between the victim and the attacker coming through Tor Network via the unblock-able loopback IP:

What is a Tor Network?

Tor Network contains 7,168 IPs that are communicating with each other via encrypted packets. ...

NetRom news story - Unexpected Hazardous Weaknesses

Unexpected Hazardous Weaknesses

When Pen-testing a client, we always find surprises we were not expecting, like being able to access random files on the server, finding the JAVA script operating on the tested device, sometimes we locate backup files, and so many other hazardous weakness may occur randomly. ...

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