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NetRom Consultants
The Company You Can Trust When It Comes To IT Audit & Consultancy

Located in Jounieh - Lebanon, NetRom Consultants was founded by a team of experts in the fields of IT audit, business solutions, networking and Penetration Testing. We offer comprehensive end-to-end solutions to enable new revenue streams and achieve strategic and business objectives by utilizing the full capabilities of cutting edge technologies. Our services include three core activities: IT consultancy services, business analysis and Cyber Security served by an experienced team in the fields of IT consultancy, audit, security and business consultancy. Our Cyber Security team is specialized in different tests such as DOS/DDOS, SSL Scan, FTP Crack, Shell Injection, and SQL Injection.


  • We work in partnership with our clients
  • We act as the top management advisors
  • We accompany our clients in implementation
  • We build our recommendations on solid facts

Mission & Values

  • Meet rapidly our Clients' needs and expectations
  • Understand the client's need and working environment
  • IT service in accordance with the latest technological trends
  • IT solutions that add value to the company's growth & performance
  • Trust, Confidentiality, Transparency, Professional Service and High Ethics

Why Netrom?

  • Professional and ethical services
  • We succeed where others have failed
  • Client satisfaction is our major objective
  • Experienced and dedicated IT professionals


  • High professional ethics
  • Commitment to client success
  • Adherence to the highest professional standards
  • Building and maintaining our knowledge reservoir
  • Up to date with the latest development in the IT field

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Our Services

From IT Audit to IT Consultancy, We support and guide you through anything.
Hardware & Networking Lebanon

Penetration Testing

Hardware & Networking Lebanon

Hardware & Networking

Consultant & System Integrator

Consultant & System Integrator

OS & Virtualization

OS & Virtualization

Enterprise resource planning

Enterprise Resource Planning

Data and Storage

Data & Storage


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Latest News

NetRom news story - Wikileaks: CIA Stuxnet-Like Attacks Hacked Unconnected PCs Via USB

Wikileaks: CIA Stuxnet-Like Attacks Hacked Unconnected PCs Via USB

The latest release from the Wikileaks Vault7 files, widely believed to contain details on the hacking techniques of the CIA, has revealed malware aimed at infecting so-called “air-gapped” PCs, those computers not connected to the internet, using USB sticks. The hacks exposed by Julian Assange’s organization Thursday exploit vulnerabilities similar to those used in the infamous Stuxnet attacks, believed to have been perpetrated by the US and Israel to infect nuclear plants in Iran, which also used thumb drives to spread into critical systems.  ...

NetRom news story - Russian hackers targeted election systems in 21 US states

Russian hackers targeted election systems in 21 US states

Russian hackers targeted voting systems in nearly 50% of states in the 2016 US presidential election, officials have revealed in testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee
US officials have yet to reveal which US state voting systems were targeted by Kremlin-linked hackers during the voting that saw Donald Trump elected as president, citing confidentiality agreements.

US intelligence agencies have claimed that Russian hacking during the elections was aimed at helping Trump to win, but Jeanatte Manfra, the acting deputy undersecretary of cyber security at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), said there was no evidence to suggest actual vote ballots were altered in the election hack, according to the BBC.

“We have evidence that election-related systems in 21 states were targeted,” she said, but added that DHS still had confidence in the US voting systems because they are “fundamentally resilient”.

Republican senator Marco Rubio expressed concern, saying that, as the investigation continues, “it is important Americans understand how our voting systems work and communicate that in real time”.

In similar testimony, acting director of the DHS cyber division Samuel Liles said DHS detected hacking activities last spring and summer and later received reports of cyber probing of election systems, but added that none of these systems were involved in vote tallying.

FBI Counterintelligence Division assistant director Bill Priestap said Russia’s end game was power. He said since Russia lost its standing after the fall of the Soviet Union, Moscow and Putin have been on a mission to restore it, primarily by weakening the US and its allies through “information warfare”, reports CNN.

“The primary goal (of the 2016 effort) in my mind was to sow discord, and to try to de-legitimise our free and fair election process,” said Priestap. “Another of their goals, which the entire United States intelligence community stands behind, was to denigrate secretary (Hillary) Clinton and to try to help the current president, Trump.”

Priestap said Russia had conducted influence campaigns regarding US elections “for years” but typically with things such as half-true stories printed in media outlets. This time, he said, the scale and sophistication were different.

“What made this different in many regards is, of course, the degree and what you can do through electronic systems today,” said Priestap.

“The scale and aggressiveness of the effort made this one different and, again, it’s because of the electronic infrastructure ... that allowed Russia to do things that in the past they were unable to do.”

Priestap said the Russians engaged in a combination of pushing out fake news, using social media to boost its narrative and hacking into emails and selectively releasing damaging information.

Russia has repeatedly denied any involvement in election-related hacking and Trump has dismissed allegations that his campaign colluded with Russia as “fake news”.

US intelligence agencies and various independent cyber security researchers have attributed the cyber attacks that occurred during the 2016 US election to hacker groups linked to the Kremlin, such as the hacking group known as Fancy Bear or Iron Twilight.

A survey conducted in the run up to the UK general election in June revealed that online voting is being held back in the UK because of fears that cyber criminals could influence the results.

According to the survey, 40% of Britons feared that the UK general election on on 8 June might be targeted by hackers.

“Claims that Russian hackers had some influence on last year’s US presidential elections have sparked a wave of scepticism around the safety of electronic voting here in the UK,” said Pete Turner, consumer security expert at Avast, which carried out the survey.



NetRom news story - GOP Contractor Accidentally Exposes Personal Info Of Almost 200 Million Voters

GOP Contractor Accidentally Exposes Personal Info Of Almost 200 Million Voters

A data firm contracted by the Republican National Convention (RNC) left personal data on millions of Americans exposed online, according to multiple news outlets.

This month, the conservative data firm Deep Root Analytics was found to have stored personal information on around 198 million U.S. citizens in a publicly accessible online collection, which also contained internal documents relating to Republican campaigns. The information included the home addresses, birth dates, and phone numbers of millions of Americans as compiled by various voter research groups, and could be accessed in spreadsheets by anyone with the URL to its Amazon server location. ...

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